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Social Business: Executive Assistant Tips to be Champions of the Social Office Part III

After diving into the social office with the resources from Part I and Part II, it is time to delve deeper into the value of business social! Part III will help pave the way to amplifying not only what you learned thus far…

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The World of Social Media

Without a doubt the international social media powerhouses we hear about are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. But what people may not know, there are social media havens across the world.

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Women Earning Dominant Social Media Roles

Their relentless attention and dedication to submitting posts, resources and links to the ever evolving online mediums, has rightfully earned them a dominant role in social media.

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Social Trio: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Are you new to the social trio or would like to explore how you can dive into the digital world? Recently Technology Inc. shared eye opening stats and backs up that Social Media is not a fad …   The…

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Be Conscious of Your Online Interactions

Without a doubt, social sites are being used professionally and personally, by numerous methods. Whether it is for networking, job searching, training or merely just staying in touch, it has become a norm in today’s society. Here’s a great resource,…

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Social Media is Taking Shape Across the Corporate World

Businesses without a PR or Communications department can still dive into the social media arena and learn the ropes just like the corporate giants.

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