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Social media can make or break careers

The communication landscape has shifted from traditional methods, like email or the newspaper, to online mediums. Whether it is for networking, weather alerts, news bulletins, job searching, training or merely just staying in touch, social media has become a norm in today’s society.

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Social Business: Embrace It

Don’t just think about it, go ahead be creative and bold because while you are thinking about it, some one out there is already doing it!

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ESN + DW = ?

Although social media has been around since the mid 1990’s, the social networking sites and online concept didn’t start taking shape until mid 2000.  Since then growing by leaps and bounds, breaking into the professional communication landscapes with the introduction…

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Enterprise Social Innovation

Combining collaborative intelligence with enterprise social networks (ESN) will emerge design thinking — a revolutionary way to bring group and team collective intelligence to the forefront of technologies 2.0. Ramon Sanguesa & Irene Lapuent from Co-Creating Cultures state: “This new…

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