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What’s Your Facebook Cover?

Everyone actively using Facebook has a prerogative or goal in mind while navigating the platform. So which cover do you wear?

  • Friend
  • Celebrity/Artist/Entertainer
  • Entrepreneur/Business Entity
  • Philanthropist
  • Wannabe

Now that you have illustrated your cover, are you turning the right pages?

Facebook Profile: created by users to communicate with friends, family, colleagues and/or acquaintances about stuff happening in life.

Facebook Official Page: Allows communication with customers and fans on products, services, events, etc.

Community Page: This is for generating support for a favorite cause or topic. If it becomes very popular (attracting thousands of fans), it will be adopted and maintained by the Facebook community.

Groups: Have a professional interest or hobby? Then a group is the other option to create, allowing updates and communication on the topic of interest with like minded peeps.

As the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover” and social media can easily land people in the wrong category if the platforms are used differently than what they intend to provide.  If you are actively engaged on Facebook, understand the do’s and don’ts in social media to avoid the pitfalls.  For instance, when you befriend someone on Facebook, you are extending an invitation to build on the “friend” connection. Don’t confuse this with promoting anything different because those who are within your friendship network circle may end up hitting the “hide” or “spam” button.

Social media is proliferating attention and the more who learn to understand it, will not only be successful with building relationships but also know that it can either make or break reputations.

Keep in mind that sending a friendship invitation is not intended to be someone added to your marketing list. Knowing your facebook cover will help maintain your reputation and the legacy you are creating to uphold.

Focused on Numbers or People?

With social media providing the opportunity to engage, connect and collaborate, it brings a different lens to the way peeps network.

Back in the day, most were plugging in hours to build their connections by relationship building with rich content and compelling information. But now, there’s a lot of “noise” in the social-verse and the blogging community. Meaning, online posts for the sake of posting and automating communications rather than building a relevant network.

To be effective in the social media arena, goals need to be clear and concise. If the goal is to increase mass followers than there would be less emphasis on quality. But if the main goal is to capitalize on the current social media opportunities to increase brand awareness and offer valuable information, then quality content must be the focus.

Remember, the only difference in networking online than offline are the geographical barriers. There are vast possibilities to connect with a greater audience online vs offline but keep in mind that there is also a greater risk for the wrong information to go viral.

The ultimate measure is based on when you reach out to your network with a call to action. For example, if you have 10,000 connections/followers, and a marketing campaign is channeled to these individuals, your invested return on your network will be reflected in the number who answered, the cohesive bonds. Those who are within your geodesic distance will more likely be your loyal base.

Bottom line, stay close to your social media strategy and don’t lose site of the true meaning of networking; it is never a numbers game!

Constant Rise in Social Networking

The new media channels have opened the doors to everyone to get social! Although the form of connecting through online communities has been around for years, it really started to take shape between 2002 and 2005. Since then, more and more sites have emerged and caused those in existence to become mainstream.

The new wave of socializing over the net provides the user with an option to start off slowly or just jump in and get social! For those who want to ease in, then Twitter is the right medium to explore by micro-blogging wherein you don’t have to say much to have your voice heard.  Even those who have experienced shyness or anxiety in a social environments are emerging in online social circles and uncovering interpersonal skills they didn’t know they had!

Additionally, companies and small businesses are discovering media channels to create brand awareness, recruit, learn about competitors and seek out potential customers. Yammer formed in 2008 takes micro-blogging to the business world!  Like Twitter, allows users to post and exchange “what are you working on” through limited access to those with a valid company address. For those who are “green” to the Twitter platform, on June 14 there is a conference being held in New York that focuses entirely on Twitter use for business. Click here for the details and register today!

Our social network resources do not encompass the vast array of help out there, but it serves as a building block to help get you plugged into the social sphere today. Stay tuned for additional social media posts, learnings, tips and trends!

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Connect, Engage and Collaborate with a Facebook Fan Page

If you already have an active personal profile on Facebook, then you are familiar with how to connect, engage and collaborate through the platform. But are you teetering on whether or not to create a facebook fan page?

In your social media strategy, one of your goals should be to optimize the online platforms to actively communicate with your audience. And, a facebook fan page is ultimately one of those avenues to achieve that goal.

You can get started in a few simple steps but before doing so give some thought to your name and category. The category selection is not an option with a personal profile so this is an unfamiliar area but not difficult to determine. There are three to choose from 1) local; 2) Brand or Product and 3) Artist, Bank or Public Figure. If your are not an actor or entertainer and solely want to create a fan page for your business, then you would more than likely select Brand or Product (Note: the category can not be changed after creating the page).

Let’s begin the steps:

1) Log into your personal facebook profile
2) Click on this link to take you to the page creation
3) Select your category
4) Type in the name you chose to use
5) Click on “Create Page”

Now you can edit your page and add information, along with uploading your logo by selecting “change picture” on the question mark (Note: image must be either a .jpg or .png file format).

Once you are finished adding details to the info tab, you can include a unique message or your mission to the text box (just below the image box) by clicking on the edit icon in the top right corner. Hit publish and your fan page is officially online!

Your fan page is ready to connect with your fans and collaborate will fresh and informative posts. Share additional information with your audience by adding notes about special offers, promotions or resources about products and service offerings. Click on the “Notes” Tab at the top of the menu, and in the top right corner click on the “write a new note button” to post a message. The Note application accepts special formatting using html. If you are familiar with html, here’s the link to facebook’s basic commands Facebook HTML commands.

Apart from the name and the category, you can make edits to the content you added, upload photos, add videos and customize the menu tabs which we will cover in another post.

Ready to share your page with your audience, friends and family? From your main dashboard (or Wall page) you will see the “suggest to friends” link on the left. By clicking the link, a pop-up box will open showing all your active friends you can select to send and invitation to become a fan of your page.

Great job on creating your fan page! But the work is not over after you hit the publish button. To keep your page active, you need to commit to publishing fresh content on a regular basis. If you hit a writer block, check out our Notes page to ignite thoughts and tap into your creative space to connect, engage and collaborate with your fans!

Are You Connected?

Surviving business in hard times, may mean boosting your presence in the market. But you don’t have to exhaust your budget to do it! Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Explore cost effective opportunities such as business networking – both offline and online – to build on new relationships, including engaging in speaking and PR events. To access new connections, take advantage of the “free” online social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Flickr, hi5, etc.
  • Develop a new process to connect with other businesses to foster the knowledge and best practices others are doing to get through tough market conditions.
  • Be more engaged and seek meaningful business relationships with other like minded peeps.
  • Promote and provide education, enriched content and communication to evolve greater interest in your business.
  • Build on new leads by igniting your connections today and utilize the social media marketing channels to reach a broader audience.

For example, by actively engaging in a micro-blogging medium such as Twitter, there’s opportunity to connect with hundreds to thousands of people around the world. Twitter and other micro-blogging platforms can be trivial because it’s an open medium for the public to post anything, including personal innuendos. But as Pete Cashmere, CEO and founder of Mashable.com sited,

“… Twitter, its inspiration, information, news, gossip, humor and remarkable personal stories. Twitter is all that we are, from our most exalted moments to our most mundane – and everything in between.”

If you are not already tweeting and want to join the Twittersphere, click here to learn how it works and understand the many ways Twitter can be used.

Another option for a business to extend their reach is through a Facebook Fan Page. This we will cover in another post as there is too much information to absorb to ensure you take the right steps and precautions before launching your page.

In the meantime, get connected, be engaged and start boosting your online presence today!

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