Adopting a new way to work

The Workforce 2020 white paper introduced transforming to the future of work and the work design options organizations will offer to employees to reduce complexity. Who knew that March 2020 would pivot a number of organizations to advise their employees to work from home should their current role provide that flexibility to do so.

Leaders and people managers are experiencing first hand a virtual environment if they have not previously been demonstrating with their teams. This then brings organizations to think through options to maintain a cohesive team while navigating through unchartered environments while keeping the regular flow of business operational at the same time.

Depending on the size and scope of the team, these options may not be ideal but provoke the mind to think through adopting a new way to work virtually and remain connected.

  • Turn training into live online virtual classrooms with Crowdcast.
  • If the teams gathered for random happy hours but are limited to conversing in public at this time, the team can host an online virtual game with Kahoot.
  • Host a virtual coffee break in the morning or afternoon.
  • Keep teams up-to-date with video messages using Adobe Spark.
  • Need a new conference provider to offer video interaction, check out these options published by Snack Nation.

The McKinsey & Company article “The CIO’s moment: Leadership through the first wave of the coronavirus crisis” outlines the challenges leaders are facing while navigating through unprecedented times.

As employees shift their work behaviors, many of them are confronting what can seem like a dizzying array of tools with little experience of how to use them effectively. As one CIO confessed, “ensuring adoption of new tools and protocols has been the most frustrating part of the process so far.”

Executive assistants [EAs] can research and offer new ways to work to pivot teams in a direction they may discover to be useful as they find themselves working in a different environment. Whether it be at home or social distancing at work, there are methods that can ease and balance processes to still get things done.

EAs are adept at being resourceful due to the number of varied requests that come through on a given day. When disruptions surface, EAs can be leaned on to guide their executives during a time of unknown to ease the challenges in workplace environments. There are numerous virtual team resources available and here’s a couple of guides to get EAs started to think through alternate methods that can be adopted in the near term but also sustained as teams discover a new normal: Slack: The ultimate guide to remote teams and Microsoft teams: Staying productive while working remotely!


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