Optimize technology for global teams

Executive assistants can play a pivotal role in reshaping the way teams work

The workforce of the future is upon us and a pivotal time for executive assistants [EAs] to help redefine the way teams work. As more corporations are identifying themselves as technology companies, they are investing in the right tools and resources to motivate their workforce to disrupt the globally diverse tech world.

EAs are at the frontlines to help global teams thrive in the industry by seamlessly evolving with technology that is reshaping our personal and professional lives.

For instance, the workforce is disciplined to create presentations, print hard copies for meetings and firm up logistical needs. In today’s environment, if we applied ‘technology’ thinking behind this process, the possibility of what we always depended on can change. 

Where can the EA play a role in adapting to a new process to navigate through a new way to perform at the speed technology is emerging? The EA is in a position to assess the environment based on the current processes and determine which areas can be improved. As an example almost all teams have a scheduled meeting, some gathering as frequently as others depending on the size and scope of the team. But one thing that remains a common thread is the download of information. With the onset of various collaboration platforms, meeting software and functional standups, EAs can amplify the shift toward transforming the digital workforce thus introducing tools that could offer solutions to visible experience gaps.

There’s a number of productivity tools and resources globally adopted based on capabilities required to go digital, but here’s a short list to learn what could be of benefit to optimize and automate a process to elevate the team’s performance.

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of tools but a start to thinking through the patterns in the office that could be revamped for greater impact not only for the employee but for the organization as a whole. For a comparison of products, visit Capterra to discover more resources.

With a lens to the global culture, EAs are not only specialized in overall office management, but can also help make a difference to reshape the way teams work and pave the way for businesses to adapt to the digital workforce that over 100 companies are striving for.

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