Tips for the Executive Assistant to Manage a Social Business Twitter Chat

Hatch A Chat

For the global social business organizations, the executive assistant can leap into managing real-time forums using the “twitter chat” model.  The opportunity to leverage the enterprise social business platforms for process improvement is limitless, especially for building a knowledge bank and sharing resources.

Hatch-A-ChatAn overview of how the twitter chat process works and steps shared by Social Media Examiner are outlined below — read the full article for an in-depth visual of how to pull one together.

#1: Understand How it Works

#2: Form Your Plan

#3: Announce and Promote Your Twitter Chat

#4: Run Your Twitter Chat

#5: Summarize, Archive and Analyze

Once you are familiar with the steps to launch a “twitter chat”, get up to speed with how to participate – this is no different than facilitating a face-to-face meeting as the best practices can easily be applied to the online real-time conversations. The only difference is engaging the audience via tweets using a unique hashtag for the topic to be discussed.

So how do you pick out a hashtag? Brainstorm on the topic and pick a hashtag that is relevant, easy to remember and short. Be creative and refrain from simple hashtags that others may post so that they do not interfere with your topic. For instance, executive assistants frequently converse on calendar meeting management – a unique hashtag would be #EAMtgBPs (short for executive assistant meeting best practices) — you can double check your hashtag via this site to ensure that a conversation is not already launched on Twitter using your hashtag of choice.

Note that it is equally important for the tweet posts to be shorter than the 140 characters per tweet on twitter so that there is room for the hashtag.

With there being a number of twitter chats currently ongoing, here’s a few to check out to familiarize yourself with the model as well as various tweets relative to the topic of discussion the leader is hosting.

Time/Date Hashtag Twitter Host Storify
8 pm EST / Tuesdays #LeadFromWithin @LollyDaskal 01.28.14
9 pm EST / Tuesdays #GetRealChat @PamMoore 10.28.14
Various #HonestCareerTalk @Forbes 10.7.14

Practice makes perfect so don’t be discouraged if the first chat did not meet the overall objective – stay the course and be patient with the audience as this type of new forum is a learning curve for majority of the executive assistants. Considering the daily grind of an executive assistant is unpredictably busy, the chat will quickly gain support and interest since no one will need to leave their desk to participate and can always catch-up on the conversation by searching for the hashtag or reading the summary. With that, don’t forget to capture the conversation and jot down pertinent notes as well as questions raised as noted step 5 above. You can also leverage Storify to help curate the information gathered from the conversation – click on the links under the Storify column above for examples of how the twitter hosts used this tool for their discussions .

Process improvement is developed by taking risks and stepping out of the comfort zone – pave the way of collaborating and sharing by leveraging the technology we have at our disposal. And have fun with it – @Dunkindonuts is a brand that definitely epitomizes all things social when it comes to maximizing the use of social media.

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