Are Social Media Profiles Phasing Out Paper CVs?

For those who are actively engaged in pursuing a new career or changing jobs, it is highly recommended to build an online resume using either LinkedIn (most preferred) or another online tool like VisualCV.

Resumes are not obsolete, but the concept of them has changed tremendously, said Josh Bersin, principal of Bersin by Deloitte, a human resources research firm owned by Deloitte Consulting.

Furthermore, he noted:

“Recruiters are going to look at your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles, so you have to think about all those as your marketing tools”

Although resumes are not quite obsolete, the way in which recruiting and job searching was done in the past is slowly transforming the whole concept as identified in the Forbes article, “Why Companies Go Beyond The Resume And Hire People Via Social Media” by Vanessa Richardson.

Prithvi Shergill, Chief HR Officer at HCL Technologies explains:

“Social tools help to strengthen brand perception by communicating core values to a wider audience in channels they appreciate. Social media also gives employers the opportunity to directly engage with potential candidates. Slowly but surely social media is changing how employers approach recruitment. However, even though social media has become an important part of recruitment, is does not fully replace traditional recruitment methods but rather supports them.” via Social Recruiting

This statement is solidified by the recent HCL Twitter recruitment campaign, #coolestinterviewever. Based on the results of the campaign, HCL not only successfully recruited via social media but the company also experienced the value of investing in a holistic social strategy.

And according to the Social Recruiting Global Staffing study and the JobVite survey results, the findings clearly state that social media will play a major role in the future of sourcing for jobs and recruiting departments leveraging the platforms to research candidates.

Check-out the the Social-Media-Help Resume visual via ThingLink for more information and tips in the new world of recruiting!

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