Chief Social Experience Officer (CSxPO)

As social business takes shape across organizations and becomes the main thread in the fabric of the overall communications strategy, will the Chief Social Experience Officer (CSxPO) become a traditional C-level corporate title?

With brand management building across several social platforms, there is an increased need to expand the associate manpower to manage the daily activity in each network. The investment to execute a social strategy takes a considerable amount of time to not only actively engage in each channel but also to review metrics and analytics to improve the online presence in each platform.

As stated in an article via Forbes, Is Social Media a Career?, Carrie Kerpen points out the following:

Advertising: Social advertising is different from traditional and digital advertising.  It requires an understanding of social behavior that goes way beyond re-targeting platforms. For emerging networks to survive, they will need to find innovative social ad solutions, and becoming an expert in the placement, optimization, and reporting of social ads will be key going forward. Will it be a part of an overall digital ad budget? Yes. Is it an entirely different beast? YES.

If the overall social strategy is in fact an “entirely different beast” then it would make sense for organizations to officially incorporate the right level of leadership to support the social business.

According to The Creative Group Social Media Staffing Guide these are some of the most frequently requested requirements in social media positions:

    • Ability to innovate and adapt easily to change
    • Thorough understanding of social media space and those who participate within it
    • Empathetic mindset and service-oriented attitude
    • Ability to think strategically
    • Proven success in launching campaigns and building communities
    • Ability to work cross-functionally and implement programs and program changes rapidly
    • Excellent presentation and writing skills
    • Ability to educate and influence at all levels of the organization
    • Intellectual curiosity and a strong sense of what’s newsworthy
    • Sense of humor and creativity

And some of the most in-demand positions encompassing these skills outlined in the guide are:

  • Director of Social Media Strategy
  • Interactive Project Manager
  • Interactive Strategist
  • Community Manager
  • Interactive Traffic Manager

The above positions are not an exhaustive list of the varied type of social media jobs organizations are posting and there will be more to come as business owners adopt a social strategy to include the appropriate budget to support the manpower required to manage a successful brand via the channels.

Fredrik Tukk, head of communication, marketing and branding at Danish offshore drilling company, Maersk Drilling, states:

“It’s not that I’m a big fan of social media, it’s just that I know we have to build our employee propositions online because that’s where people find us; that’s where the next generation will find us. The other thing about building it online is also that we can have as many smart, intelligent people as we want internally to develop what we think is the best EVP, but if we can do it together with the people we’re going to hire we can really understand what they need and want and then make it even better.”

The full article by Clare Bettelley and discussion with Fredrik Tukk, shares a compelling story behind the reason Why Social Media Recruiting Has A Place In Every Industry. With more and more small business owners and leaders across the communications landscape in organizations learning about the value-add in adopting social business, the Chief Social Experience Officer position just  may make it into the top traditional C-level corporate titles sooner than later!

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