Future of Work Reshaping the Office Landscape


With 2015 around the corner, bringing the future of work a whole lot closer, will the predictions outlined here soon be reality?

Will robot options like Double and Beam revolutionize the communication landscape and offer improved interaction with one another through these devices?

There’s been an incredulous amount of research done on the future of work and how technology will reshape the office. One of the fields that will more than likely be impacted the most is the administrative roles – this infographic shines a lens on the work that is being done to help the corporate world redefine job descriptions to coincide with roles of the future.

And based on the article, Why It’s Time to Redesign the Way We Think About Office Space, the architecture and design will give the holistic environment a 360 face-lift!

“I think the whole definition of what an office is needs to be rethought,” says Frank Mruk, associate dean for the School of Architecture and Design at the New York Institute of Technology in Manhattan.

“The office may be ready for extinction–it’s just a place to meet. We don’t need computers anymore; we can work anyplace, at any time. Why do we have to meet in a building?”

Furthermore, companies like the Charleston Digital Corridor, offer entrepreneurs and startups with office space to include 18th and 19th century historic structures with 21st century technology infrastructure; first generation professional offices and flex space in vibrant urban/ suburban settings; and build-to-suit opportunities.

With Google buying Nest, the notion of a “smart home” and “smart office” will be within an arm’s reach across the globe before people can gauge the concept — moving the needle on technology and the revolutionary ideas by leaps and bounds, faster than most can comprehend.  Without a doubt the changes in the business are imminent. Especially, if the robot options surface sooner than later, the future of work and the robotic office landscape won’t be too far off from the Jetsons!

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