Growing Into the Digital & Visual Culture

It was not too long ago that everyone started to tweet in 140 characters or less and learn to share stories across Facebook. But according to the tech timeline, users were adopting these mediums that were slowly surfacing across the internet in the early 1990s. And with the rise of the visual culture, AvaLaunch Media created an infographic that not only provides a visual of the timeline but also jazzed it up with interactivity for optimal user experience!

As the digital culture transforms, there are ample mediums that are being created and developed to offer simplicity both in the professional and personal worlds. For instance, with the growing trend in visual graphics, Pinterest and Instagram are rising to the user ranks of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  Sara Chapman shares insight into the shift in her blog post The Rise of Visual Culture.  And for additional learning, Center for Learning Excellence published findings as a result of a recent study: Teaching with Infographics: Practicing New Digital Competencies and Visual Literacies.

Changes are taking shape across technical platforms but the culture is not quite there yet.

People who recognize that design is a differentiator. A unique idea for a digital product or service is surprisingly rare, and design excellence is often the differentiator. Understanding of design is not only a belief in the value of a strong initial concept, but also adherence to the belief that multiple small design decisions add up to a significant user experience impact. This requires a level of attention to detail, and a belief in the value of microinteractions. Everyone on your digital team — not just the designers — should be able to wax effusive about a digital product design they love, and point to the specific attributes that make the design work. ~ Author Perry Hewitt, How To Build a High-Performing Digital Team.

Hewitt also shares in a separate article via Huffington Post, 10 Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Best Practices for Dealing with Digital Transformation.

With these advances in the digital landscape, the tech world will definitely be ready to take on the 2020 Workforce.

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