Power Up for Workforce 2020

The years ahead present exciting opportunities in the digital landscape but also media channels as technology evolves and spans across enterprise social networking.

In order to adapt and move ahead of the new norm, it is vital to say abreast of the latest technology and trends taking shape in business operations. Thus with the increased demand in cloud computing, social media and app development, the internal learning platforms must be designed to allow employees access to the critical training modules in these areas especially if the skills are directly related to the scope of their job.

Fortunately with the advent of the digital era, there are optimal mediums to enhance and develop knowledge in all of the prominent skills required for the 2020 workforce. Here’s a shortlist to get started:

Books via Amazon

The Executive’s Guide to Enterprise Social Media Strategy: How Social Networks Are Radically Transforming Your Business

The Gamification Revolution: How Leaders Leverage Game Mechanics to Crush the Competition


Transitioning to Workforce 2020 Whitepaper

Web Training

Digital Transformation and the Digital Customer Experience

Enterprise Social Networks: A Guided Tour

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