24/7 Connectivity

The digital culture is evolving to greater heights as most of society becomes dependent on the technology resulting in less downtime to spend in social activities that stimulate happiness. With time being one of the biggest stressors across the globe, the digital devices and social networking that are supposed to make lives easier and connected, have added to the daily overload.

There’s no question that the advances in technology provide a benefit to both professional and personal lives, but the pressures of time may not allow one to cultivate the practice of non-doing when there always seems to be a feeling of having to be responsive 24/7. The sense of well-being comes from within and unplugging from the madness that exists in each given moment may lead to revitalizing perspective.

Chaos is definitely a barrier to managing a balanced life especially with the advent of the digital age taking mainstream from every corner of the globe. To turn down the volume and tune out the impulse to post to Facebook, take a moment to assess all the “stuff” that is burning energy but is not fueling the advances and/or steps in life to the ultimate goal. After this brief and simple exercise, check out “27 Productive Things You Can Do in 5 Minutes” via The Muse blog post by Alex Cavoulacos and for those who want to dive deeper can immerse into “Hack Your Work Life” Lessons also via The Muse.

By the end of the week, 24/7 connectivity may not be as high on the list of doing as getting out there and “reconnecting” with the forces of nature and “socializing” with family and friends!


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