Social Media: Enhancing the Digital Landscape

With social media being mainstream, it does not mean it is a replacement — it is an added medium to extend communications and manifest information across the globe.

Statistics prove that Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter dominate the internet usage and provide an open channel to monetize information. With the success of these platforms, enterprise social is entering the business environment, revolutionizing organization collaboration and fostering team interactions.

Additionally, undoubtedly the success of social medial contributes to the growth of the digital landscape. At one point it was questioned whether or not it was a trend developing and would eventually fizzle down. But with the array of platforms, conferences and online medium channels, the overall online social communication layers will continue to evolve and transform our daily interactions.

Digital and social technologies promise to be more agile than traditional methods of capturing employee knowledge, such as memos and procedure manuals which date rapidly.” Additional statistics and information is provided via Social Media & Workplace Collaboration Report by Silkroad.

As the digital landscape continues to revolutionize and incorporate breaking technology, the untapped potential of social media will also take shape across small and large organizations — it is the new norm!

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