Social Media Will Continue to Evolve in the Workplace

As we start off the New Year and begin to immerse deeply into the digital landscape, the elements in life and at work will continue to take shape with the ever-changing world.

Last month media and social networks were filled with comments and stories about how the world would be coming to an end. Well we are fresh into 2013 and although there are major tragedies all over the globe, the world continues to spin. As we refresh our resolutions and plot out our goals for the year, before we know it 2014 will be upon us. Predictions and trends will continue to bubble and some will phase out and there will be the ones that will become the new norm as our generations shift.

It is predicted that within ten years, Millennials will represent 75% of the workforce. Also called Generation Y, this group is within the beginning of their career, typically very comfortable with technology and the broader social sphere. With that, social media will continue to evolve in the workplace and eventually be the new norm.

For the Generation X and Baby Boomer generations who will still be a part of the workplace in ten years will go through culture differences in their career and will see that the Millennials are motivated by different factors in the workplace. But social medial is one common element that will remain consistent across personal and professional roles in each generation.

As organizations introduce networking platforms into the digital landscape, all generations will need to learn how to navigate, behave and engage in the workplace. Each company will have their own set of internal policies and guidelines to follow and if not adhered to can have adverse impact on future employment. Citing of social media cases and the complete policy is outlined in the National Labor Relations Board, Operations Management Memo issued by The General Counsel.

Within the last year smartphones have increased in vast numbers and iPads are replacing education mediums faster than it took for TV to hit households in years! Amazing how innovation has launched in record speeds and how exciting it will be in the next five years let alone ten … the age of The Jetsons could possibly be within reach sooner than the world may expect!

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