Do you have an established efootprint?

Over the last few years online networking and social media has shaped a whole new perspective on how we socialize and communicate.

The new media channels opened doors for everyone the world to get social in real time! Although the form of connecting through online communities has been around for years, it really started to evolve between 2002 and 2005. Since then, more and more sites have emerged and caused those in existence to become mainstream and filter into business operations.

The new wave of socializing over the net provides users with an option to start off slowly or jump in to get social. For late bloomers to ease in, Twitter is an engaging medium to explore by micro-blogging wherein you don’t have to say much to have a voice heard. Even those who have experienced shyness or anxiety in social environments are emerging in online social circles and discovering interpersonal skills they didn’t know they had.

Socialization is developing a new meaning in online environments wherein people from all over the globe are interacting and constantly reshaping how we interact on the net. Thus allowing not only the general public to tap into the social sphere but also companies large and small – an emerging trend in the business community. Companies are discovering media channels to create brand awareness, recruit, learn about competitors, seek out potential customers and establish social environments for their employees.

Additionally, technology added another heightened level to expand networks and allow viral communication across the globe. Our connections evolve as our lives develop through time but one thing that will always remain in tact, society’s thirst to have a voice and to be heard. Through social networks, whether online or offline, provides the channel to feed the human need and post real time thoughts on today’s politics, issues and news.

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