Social Influence

Early adopters of social media have gained power in online media and have emerged in front of competitors by understanding social influence.

As technology evolves, online social media giants are updating platforms to move forward with greater innovation and optimal user performance. Thus paving the way for majority of adults turning to the internet to make decisions or form judgments based on what is shared on Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn.  How will these online social interactions mold behaviors by 2015?  Over 20 years ago, there was no “real time” media outlet that provided a resource for product reviews or instantaneous news coverage but today it is all within the click of a button. Whether it is your digital device, laptop or PC, technology has developed and positioned internet usage to be the mainstream of communication across the globe.

With over 60% of adults engaged in one of the online platforms, how can businesses stay in front of the conversation and equip their communication team to measure the level of influence?  It is critical to understand the impact a user can have on a brand and ensure professional communicators are engaged in online conversations, positive or negative. It can take only one statement to go viral and in the wrong direction if the intended message is not communicated properly. We have witnessed this many times in the media, resulting in employees being suspended and/or fired.

Who will dominate the market share and gain user influence? According to Javelin Research, smartphone usage is expected to be over 50% in the next year and 72% by 2016.  The business strategy that includes building a platform poised to be mobile friendly and has a communication department trained to monitor user influence will be well positioned to take on a greater share of the market well in advance of competitors.

Bottom line, where ever consumers are spending most of their time, organizations and businesses need to be one step ahead and already engrained in the environment!

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