Numbers or Connections?

With social media providing the global opportunity to engage, connect and collaborate, it brings a different lens to the way everyone networks.

It’s not a popularity contest! It’s all about connections by relationship building with rich content and compelling information, not plugging in hours to mass the number of followers.

If the main goal is to capitalize on the current social media opportunities to increase brand awareness and offer valuable information, then quality content must be the focus.

Remember, the only difference in networking online than offline, are the geographical barriers. There are vast possibilities to connect with a greater audience online vs offline but keep in mind that there is also a greater risk for the wrong information to go viral.

The ultimate measure is based on when you reach out to your network with a call to action. For example, if you have 10,000 connections/followers, and a marketing campaign is channeled to these individuals, your invested return on your network will be reflected in the number who answered, the cohesive bonds. Those who are within your geodesic distance will more likely be your loyal base.

Bottom line, stay close to your social media strategy and don’t lose site of the true meaning of networking; it is never a numbers game!

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