Social Trio: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Are you new to the social trio or would like to explore how you can dive into the digital world? Recently Technology Inc. shared eye opening stats and backs up that Social Media is not a fad …


The full post can be read via: “Need to Sell Your Boss on Social Media Investment? Use this Graphic

For the most part, the social trio proves to be useful in our day-to-day lives. However, common sense is pivotal when putting your life online. Posting too much can lead to disaster or mixing business with pleasure could jeopardize your job. Just because there are pitfalls doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t engage in one or all of the platforms.

The “New Rules in a Digital Age” by Robert Half gives the novice the basic “how to” and reminds avid users of the pitfalls that could be costly. This is one of the many online resources giving users information to get familiar with the different elements of each platform as well as tips to refrain from getting sabotaged online.

Extend your reach and get digital today!

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