Social Media Is Here To Stay

There’s been a number of elements, ideas, processes or technology that have come and gone, but “Social Media” is here to stay.

A lot of skepticism surrounded the new way of communicating, both personally and professionally online, from “crash and burn” predictions to “it is only a fad”. But years later, social media has certainly turned out to be the norm when it comes to establishing connections and engaging in online conversations.

The media outlets have no boundaries for the young or the old and it has knocked down geographical barriers. So for those who were skeptical from the get go and resilient to experience it, should get on the band wagon because social media is  everywhere from educational centers and communities to the workplace and everyday interactions.

It has opened doors for philanthropy to draw awareness to causes, provided businesses to engage with employees on ideas and situations at hand and allowed greater involvement across the globe for participation in community promotions. Here’s a few examples of how social media has played a significant role in today’s communication:

Kohl’s Cares Campaign – In celebration of Kohl’s Cares® 10th anniversary, they are donating $500,000 to 20 schools each for a total of $10 million from the Kohl’s Cares® cause merchandise program.  The organization embraced the social media channels to get  the word out about the chance for 20 schools to win by submitting their vote online.

Best Tennis Town – This contest was opened up to the public to vote for their city to help develop the growth of tennis in their community. Details were broadcast through the USTA website and social media networks to establish participation across the globe and encourage everyone to cast their vote!

Corporate World
Microblogging – With the future workplace taking a turn to be more virtual, it only makes sense to incorporate microblogging into daily interactions. Harvard Business review outlines how businesses can replicate the micro blogging experience in their organization.  Yammer or Socialtext could be the next developmental training offering that many organizations will be looking to adopt in the workplace! If it streamlines operations and increases productivity, why not?

The bottom line, with the immeasurable success of social media infiltrating all aspects of our lives, it is not going to go away any time soon. If anything, the platforms are going to develop with the growing infrastructure and our economy. It may even be the avenue to increase jobs across the nation!

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