Connect, Engage and Collaborate with a Facebook Fan Page

If you already have an active personal profile on Facebook, then you are familiar with how to connect, engage and collaborate through the platform. But are you teetering on whether or not to create a facebook fan page?

In your social media strategy, one of your goals should be to optimize the online platforms to actively communicate with your audience. And, a facebook fan page is ultimately one of those avenues to achieve that goal.

You can get started in a few simple steps but before doing so give some thought to your name and category. The category selection is not an option with a personal profile so this is an unfamiliar area but not difficult to determine. There are three to choose from 1) local; 2) Brand or Product and 3) Artist, Bank or Public Figure. If your are not an actor or entertainer and solely want to create a fan page for your business, then you would more than likely select Brand or Product (Note: the category can not be changed after creating the page).

Let’s begin the steps:

1) Log into your personal facebook profile
2) Click on this link to take you to the page creation
3) Select your category
4) Type in the name you chose to use
5) Click on “Create Page”

Now you can edit your page and add information, along with uploading your logo by selecting “change picture” on the question mark (Note: image must be either a .jpg or .png file format).

Once you are finished adding details to the info tab, you can include a unique message or your mission to the text box (just below the image box) by clicking on the edit icon in the top right corner. Hit publish and your fan page is officially online!

Your fan page is ready to connect with your fans and collaborate will fresh and informative posts. Share additional information with your audience by adding notes about special offers, promotions or resources about products and service offerings. Click on the “Notes” Tab at the top of the menu, and in the top right corner click on the “write a new note button” to post a message. The Note application accepts special formatting using html. If you are familiar with html, here’s the link to facebook’s basic commands Facebook HTML commands.

Apart from the name and the category, you can make edits to the content you added, upload photos, add videos and customize the menu tabs which we will cover in another post.

Ready to share your page with your audience, friends and family? From your main dashboard (or Wall page) you will see the “suggest to friends” link on the left. By clicking the link, a pop-up box will open showing all your active friends you can select to send and invitation to become a fan of your page.

Great job on creating your fan page! But the work is not over after you hit the publish button. To keep your page active, you need to commit to publishing fresh content on a regular basis. If you hit a writer block, check out our Notes page to ignite thoughts and tap into your creative space to connect, engage and collaborate with your fans!

One Comment on “Connect, Engage and Collaborate with a Facebook Fan Page

  1. Great “how to” for setting up a fan page, and some sound social media advice, too.

    Enjoyed your post,
    – Daulton, aka ‘ASocialMediaChampion4U’

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