Don’t Under Estimate!

Over the last few years blogging soared not only in the business arena but also moved into the households!

Anyone who has knowledge, information, humor or tips to share, then the internet is the optimal gateway to embrace and publish content.

Take for example the “mommy blogger” aka Heather Armstrong or “blopper” (, with her advice and resources she attracted over 850 million readers. She went from blogging as a hobby to a full fledged full time professional in the industry. On top of that, Heather Armstrong has a story that many of the readers out there can resonate with and for the most part may have experienced.

And most recently, Lauren Luke, took her passion to a level she never imagined. A video in its simplest form, showcasing “how to’s” was posted on YouTube and BAM her life changed. With over 2 million views her YouTube sensation has made her the 2nd most popular UK YouTuber! Lauren Luke took her passion online and the information she posted proliferated across the globe, resulting in being one of the most famous make-up artists and the launch of her own product line “by Lauren Luke” which is available for purchase online.

Before rushing off to YouTube or creating you own blog, sit down and map out the reasons for publishing content. The above examples show how content can be monetized through people on the internet and it proves that following a passion can manifest BIG DREAMS. So rather than thinking dollar signs, reach to the depths of talents untapped and figure out what kindles the passion to get out of bed each day. Perhaps, an industry expert? Or bear natural insight to give consumer advice on products? What about a worldwide traveler who can give enthusiasts something Samantha Brown’s travel channel is not?

People thirst for knowledge, tips and resources and by emerging into the right genre, the content published will go viral. So don’t under estimate the use of today’s modern technology and the ability of social media to ignite your business, passion or just simply be heard!

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