No Social Boundaries Online

A century ago people gathered at Starbucks, kitchens or water coolers to chat, gossip or vent. In this decade, people are forming in record numbers online and in community networks to engage in the same type of conversations but making it seamlessly possible for anyone to join – there’s no social boundaries online!

The floodgates of how we communicate are wide open through twitter, facebook, myspace and countless others, giving the world an opportunity to have conversations with others in mass numbers.

Social Media has not depleted or changed how people talk, it has enhanced the number of mediums to get engaged. And it has allowed information, knowledge, opinions and news to go viral across the world, reaching the public in seconds rather than hours.

Although the level of control is non-existent, the advantage to expand your reach counterbalances that concern. Why? If you learn the basic fundamentals of how to use social media to your advantage and understand that influence is the foundation to relationships, then the potential of social media backfiring would be minimal.

Don’t get left behind in the 20th century because you fear the unknown. There’s a plethora of information and resources to learn basic concepts. So if you are not already engaged online, click here to understand the benefit of both online and offline social networks. And for those already immersed, click here to take your social media strategy to the next level!

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